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Early Style Ford Motor Company 4 Post Starter Solenoid

Early Style Ford Motor Company 4 Post Starter Solenoid

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Early Style
Ford Motor Company
4 Post Starter Solenoid

This is a brand spanking new Top Quality Replacement Ford Starter Solenoid. This solenoid is made in Taiwan by Sun East a Tier 2 supplier to GM and Ford. This is the same solenoid that you would get in a Delco box for two to three times the money. Guaranteed to be of the absolute best quality. Comes with an AutoReWire 5 year warranty. IF it fails for any reason during the first 3 years simply return it for another one and we will pay the shipping both ways. IF it fails in years 4 or 5 we will prorate the cost based on the total cost of the part plus shipping and handling that you paid. And we pay the shipping to you. You won't get that anywhere else.


12 Volt, 4 Terminal, Heavy Duty

Grounded base
Battery & Starter Terminals 5/16-24
Ignition Switch & Relay/Coil Terminals 10-32 post
Mounting Bracket Holes 9/32"x 3/8", 2-1/8" Center-to-Center
Shipping Weight: 12 ounces

Factory Applications:

1962-1991 Ford Lincoln Mercury Cars and Light Trucks
1971-1987 Jeep Vehicles

Replaces Part Numbers:

FORD: Replaces dealer part numbers: 1114208, 1692658, 2095360, 2098360, 2701966, 3180465, 3225629, 3620766,
12324512, 12336881, 121613C1, 706124C1, B6A11450A, B6A-11450A, B6AZ11450A, B6AZ-11450A, C7AF11450A,
C7AF-11450A, C9AF11450A, C9AF-11450A, C9AZ11450A, C9AZ-11450A, D20Z11450A, D20Z-11450A, D2AF11450AA,
D2AF-11450AA, D2DF11450AA, D2DF-11450AA, D2DZ11450A, D2DZ-11450A, D2DZ11450B, D2DZ-11450B, D2OF11450AA,
D2OF-11450AA, D2OF11450AB, D2OF-11450AB, D2OZ11450A, D2OZ-11450A, D2OZ11450B, D2OZ-11450B, D2SF11450AA,
D2SF-11450AA, D2SF11450AB, D2SF-11450AB, D8DZ11450A, D8DZ-11450A, D8DZ11450B, D8DZ-11450B, D8VY11450A,
D8VY-11450A, E4AF11450AA, E4AF-11450AA, E5AZ11450A, E5AZ-11450A, E5AZ11450B, E5AZ-11450B, E5TZ11450A,
E5TZ-11450A, E7HZ11450A, E7HZ-11450A, E7TZ11450A, E7TZ-11450A, E8TZ11450A, E8TZ-11450A, E8TZ11450B,
E8TZ-11450B, E9TZ11450A, E9TZ-11450A, E9TZ11450B, E9TZ-11450B, FDR11450A, FDR-11450A, J3180465, J3215394,
J3225629, PB9L11450A, PB9L-11450, F903, SW1080A, SW1162, SW1507, SW1507A, SW1507B, SW246, SW3,
SW904, 5130440, SO51304

AC DELCO F903,U930, U939,
Johnson Electric: 5130440, SO51304
Motorcraft: D8DZ11450A, SW1507, SW1507A, SW1507B, SW3
Prestolite: 15-3F, SAZ4201N
GoodmarkOther Part Number: GMK-3020-277-641 Manufacturer Part Number: 3020-277-641

Cole Hersee 24021, 24021BX, 24136, M24021
Aftermarket Part Numbers: SW-56, SW-97, SS-565, SS-581, SS-588, SFD6003

Used with the following starters:


2700006, 2900550, B4TZ-11002-A, B6A-11002A, B6A-11002A, B7TZ-11002-A, B9S-11002A, C0DF-11001-A,
C0DF-11001-D, C1VF-11001-D, C2AF-11001-A,C2AF-11001-B, C2AF-11001-C, C2AF-11002-A, C2AF-11002-B,
C2AF-11002-C, C2AZ-11001-A, C2AZ-11002-A, C2DF-11001-A, C2DF-11001-B, C2DF-11001-C, C2DF-11001-D,
C2DF-11001-E, C2DF-11001-F, C2DF-11001-G, C2DF-11001-H, C2DZ-11002-A, C2DZ-11002-B, C2OF-11001-A,
C2OF-11001-B, C2OF-11001-C, C2OF-11001-D, C2OF-11001-E, C2OZ-11002-A, C2OZ-11002-B, C2SF-11001-A,
C2SF-11001-B, C2SF-11001-C, C2SF-11002-B, C2SF-11002-C, C2SZ-11001-A, C2SZ-11002-A, C2VF-11001-C,
C2VY-11002-A, C3AF-11001-A, C3AF-11002-A, C3DF-11001-A, C3DF-11001-B, C3DF-11001-D, C3NF-11002-A,
C3NF-11002-E, C3NF-11002-E, C3OF-11001-A, C3OF-11001-B, C3OZ-11002-A, C3OZ-11002-C, C3SF-11001-A,
C3VF-11001-A, C4DF-11001-A, C4DF-11001-B, C4OF-11001-A, C4OF-11001-B, C4TF-11001-A, C4TF-11001-B,
C4TZ-11002-B, C4VF-11001-A, C4ZF-11001-A, C5AF-11001-A, C5TF-11001-A, C5TF-11001-B, C5TZ-11002-A,
C5TZ-11002-D, C6AF-11001-A, C6AZ-11002-A, C6FF-11001-B, C6FF-11001-D, C6OF-11001-A, C6OZ-11102-A,
C6VF-11001-A, C6VF-11002-A, C6VY-11002-A, C6VY-11002-B, C7AF-11001-A, C7AF-11001-B, C7AF-11001-C,
C7AF-11001-E, C7AF-11001-F, C7FF-11001-B, C7OF-11001-A, C7TF-11001-A, C7VF-11001-A, C8AF-11001-A,
C8AZ-11002-A, C9AF-11001-B, C9FF-11001-A, C9FF-11001-B, C9ZF-11001-A, D0AF-11001-A, D0AF-11001-B,
D0AF-11001-C, D0AF-11001-E, D0FF-11001-B, D0FF-11001-C, D0OF-11001-A, D0TF-11001-A, D0ZF-11001-A,
D0ZF-11001-B, D12F-11001-AA, D1AF-11001-AA, D1AF-11002-A, D1AZ-11001-A, D1AZ-11002-A, D1FF-11001-AA,
D1FZ-11002-A, D22F-11001-AA, D22F-11001-AB, D22F-11001-AD, D2AF-11001-AA, D2AF-11001-BA, D2AF-11001-CA,
D2AF-11001-DA, D2AF-11001-HA, D2AF-11001-JA, D2FZ-11002-A, D2HF-11001-E, D2HF-11001-EA, D2OF-11001-AA,
D2OF-11001-BA, D2TF-11001-AA, D2TF-11001-BA, D2ZF-11001-AA, D2ZF-11001-BA, D2ZF-11001-CA, D32F-11001-AA,
D42F-11001-AA, D42F-11001-AB, D42F-11001-BA, D4FZ-11002-B, D4OZ-11002-A, D4TZ-11002-D, D4ZZ-11002-A,
D5AF-11001-EA, D5AZ-11002-C, D5FF-11001-AA, D5OF-11001-AA, D5OF-11001-BA, D5TF-11001-AA, D5TF-11001-DA,
D6BF-11001-AA, D6BF-11001-BA, D6DZ-11002-A, D6DZ-11002-B, D6EF-11001-AA, D6EF-11001-BA, D6FF-11001-AA,
D6FF-11001-BA, D6FZ-11002-A, D6FZ-11002-B, D6OF-11001-AA, D6OZ-11002-A, D6TF-11001-AA, D6TF-11001-BA,
D6TF-11001-DA, D6TF-11001-EA, D6TZ-11002-A, D6TZ-11002-B, D6TZ-11002-D, D7AZ-11002-A, D7AZ-11002-B,
D7DZ-11001-BA, D7DZ-11002-A, D7DZ-11002-B, D7FZ-11002-A, D7HZ-11002-A, D7OZ-11002-A, D7OZ-11002-B,
D7TZ-11002-A, D7ZZ-11002-A, D8AF-11001-AA, D8AF-11001-BA, D8BF-11001-AA, D8BF-11001-BA, D8BF-11001-CA,
D8BZ-11002-A, D8EF-11001-AA, D8FF-11001-AA, D8FF-11001-BA, D8FF-11001-CA, D8FF-11001-DA, D8FZ-11002-A,
D8FZ-11002-B, D8HF-11001-AA, D8OF-11001-AA, D8TF-11001-AA, D8ZF-11001-AA, D9HT-11001-AA, D9HZ-11002-A,
E12F-11001-AA, E1AF-11001-BA, E1AZ-11002-B, E1BF-11001-AA, E1BZ-11002-A, E1EF-11001-AC, E1EF-11001-AD,
E1FF-11001-BA, E1FZ-11002-A, E1FZ-11002-B, E1HF-11001-AA, E1HZ-11002-A, E1TF-11001-AA, E1TF-11001-BA,
E1TF-11001-CA, E1TZ-11002-A, E1TZ-11002-B, E1TZ-11002-C, E1ZF-11001-AA, E1ZF-11001-AB, E1ZZ-11002-A,
E1ZZ-11002-B, E25F-11001-AA, E25Y-11002-A, E25Y-11002-A, E25Z-11002-A, E25Z-11002-A, E2AF-11001-DA,
E2BF-11001-AA, E2BZ-11002-A, E2EF-11001-AA, E2FZ-11002-A, E2PF-11001-BA, E2PF-11001-CA, E2PZ-11002-A,
E2SF-11001-AA, E2SZ-11002-A, E2TF-11001-AA, E2TZ-11002-A, E3AF-11001-AA, E3AZ-11002-A, E3AZ-11002-A,
E3EF-11001-AA, E3FZ-11002-A, E3TF-11001-AA, E3TZ-11002-E, E43F-11001-AA, E43Z-11002-A, E47F-11001-AA,
E4AF-11001-AA, E4DF-11001-BA, E4DZ-11002-B, E4EF-11001-BA, E4TF-11001-AA, E4TZ-11002-A, E69F-11001-AA,
E69Z-11002-A, E6DF-11001-AA, E6DF-11001-BA, E6DZ-11002-A, E6DZ-11002-B, E6DZ-11002-C, E6EF-11001-AA,
E6FZ-11002-A, E6FZ-11002-ARM, E7DF-11001-AA, E8DF-11001-AA, E8DZ-11002-A, FAR-11001A, FAR-11001A,
FAR-11002A, FAR-11002A, FAY-11001-A, FAY-11002A

3182772, 3182972, 3193382, 3212235, 3231371, 3231372, 3238665, 3242283, 3250028, 3250032, 5752791,
8982775001, 8982775012, JR775001, JR775012

50-12872, 50-56886, 50-69865A1, 50-70604A3

SA-519, SA-519, SA-519A, SA-519A, SA-526, SA-529, SA-531, SA-532, SA-594, SA-597, SA-622, SA-622, SA-625,
SA-628, SA-630, SA-632, SA-633, SA-648, SA-651, SA-660, SA-660A, SA-661, SA-661A, SA-665A, SA-671, SA-678,
SA-700, SA-701, SA-701A, SA-701B, SA-705, SA-705A, SA-705B, SA-706, SA-706A, SA-707, SA-707A, SA-708,
SA-709, SA-709A, SA-709B, SA-710, SA-712, SA-712A, SA-712B, SA-713A, SA-717, SA-717A, SA-720, SA-724,
SA-724A, SA-726, SA-727A, SA-729, SA-729A, SA-729B, SA-731A, SA-731A, SA-731B, SA-731C, SA-732, SA-733,
SA-734, SA-734A, SA-734B, SA-735, SA-737, SA-737, SA-738A, SA-741, SA-743, SA-746, SA-752, SA-754, SA-755,
SA-759, SA-760, SA-767, SA-770, SAX-675

SAV-717-ARM, SAV-734-BRM, SAV-738-ARM

501697, 501840, 685977

835635-4, 841066-4

Factory Applications:

1962-1991 Ford Lincoln Mercury Cars and Light Trucks
1971-1987 Jeep Vehicles

Buy with confidence from a company that has been in business since 1976. Save even more - buy in quantity and save on shipping.

We purchase in bulk quantities directly from the OEM manufacture. We are the only middleman.

Buy with confidence from a company that has been in business for since 1976.

Save even more - buy in quantity and save on shipping.


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